Our Design Approach

Vapor Drawings Digital Media, an innovative digital media design and development firm, offers digital media packages that convey an exciting, continuous corporate identity across product lines. Integration of multimedia, applications for interactivity and traditional delivery methods creates digital media that intrigues and pampers your audience.

Our Development Approach

Your Digital Media amounts to little more than some glitz and glamour if it doesn't work hard for you.

You need viewer demographics, contact info, and other sales data. You need it in spreadsheet or database format so your staff can actually use it. You need applications to power your store, auction house, newsletter, information repository, you name it.

You know what you need. Just tell us. If the application you need is not out there, we'll create it.

Our Design Philosophy

Technology changes so fast. Though many older people still think of the Internet as a novelty, the younger demographics live on the Net. And as the "Millenials", those born in the mid-80's, reach their late 20's, the Web, TV and mobile device technologies will have completed their merger.

Your website and other digital media will be on laptops, mobile phones, digital players, and on the big screen in the living room in surround sound. Viewers won't be satisfied with old advertising techniques that have simply been dressed up digitally. They want information immediately, they want to control how they get that information, and they want to be entertained. Your message must be presented in an entirely new way.

Let us create Digital Media that stuns your audience with your message and makes them rulers of their domain. They'll thank you for it, in more ways than one.

You still need marketing data. The beauty of New Media is that it delivers just that. Whether it's a website, digital marketing products, or an Internet Auction, these products can deliver marketing power on the back-end, with statistics and vehicles of delivery that save you money and time.

To talk about our "Think Inside the Box" (the 3D box, that is) way of design and development contact us.

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