You're More Empowered
than You Believe

Your website and other Digital Media tools can empower your organization in ways unimaginable even 3 or 4 years ago.

Not only can important information about you be delivered in a way that enriches your viewers, but they can be helped faster and more efficiently with interactive applications. Your staff is taken out of the loop for answering basic questions, event registration, newletter or speical notification mailings and much more.


About Us
Help for Your Development Department!

Whether it's registration for a Walk-a-thon, a simple "Make a Donation" button or a wonderfully complex Internet Auction, we have the Online Fundraising strategy for you.

Your Web Face, Donate Buttons, Event Registration, and Other Applications

Your website can be a window through which potential donors get to know you. They don't have to visit on-site anymore. But they can—they can request a meeting via a form on a web page.

But there's also so much more they can do. Find out what items you are currently in need of, read your current events newsletter, or sign up to be on your mailing list. How about register for the Walk-a-thon or fill out a Volunteer registration form?

And the website applictions can do much of the work for you. Someone new wants to recieve your newsletter? Well, if they sign-up online, the application we've hidden behind the scenes of your website automatically adds them to your database. The next time you push the button to send your email newsletter, they get one. How's that for a time saver?

There is so much more that your website can do for you and your Development department, that we could go on for a while. You need to contact us.

Call or email us. We'll talk.

Internet Auctions

Internet Auctions? Well, we're kind of the experts in Internet Auctions as Fundraisers. In fact, our Internet Auctions are so successful we had to start another business to handle them,

At The Auction Works we use our expertise to build you an Internet Auction that works hard for you year after year. Online auctions are the newest fundraising craze, but they'll be around for a long time because they are a win-win-win situation. You win because they're easier than a live event, have a broad reach and have quantifiable donor data you can analyze to help you refine your fundraising efforts. Your business supporters win because they get Internet exposure for their logo and a click-through lnk to their own website for every item they donate to your Internet auction. Individual supporters win because they get great deals on quality items, give to a casue they believe in, and have a ton of fun. We support you every step of the way, too, with our fast, friendly support team.

Let us put The Auction Works in gear for you! Get more info and contact us through our website at

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