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Web Design Vs. Web Development

Traverse City, MI

Many business owners don't realize there's a difference between web design and web development, but there's a big one. And that difference is important to your company's internet marketing success.

Web design refers to the overall look and layout of your website. It's important to have a sleek, modern look that breeds brand awareness and loyalty. But a website shouldn't stop there.

Web development refers to web software that can turn your website from a static site with mediocre web marketing performance into a top web marketing performer.

Web development can track visitors, offer surveys, allow users to purchase items, or register for events online. Web software is really a must in today's web market.

At Vapor Drawings, we're web designers and developers with our own proprietary web applications. Let us show you the difference web development can make in your search engine rankings and visitor loyalty.

Convergence in Media

The recent Technology Show in Las Vegas, heralded the next phase in media convergence - TV's that are web-ready.

Is your web content ready to display on a 35 inch plasma TV? It needs to get ready if you want to keep your site vistors. It's got to be accessible by phone, too!

Let us help you get your web content ready for convergence.

Online Auctions... Major Fundraiser

According to a report by the American Marketing Association, Online Auctions are fast becoming the major fundraising event for nonprofit organizations.

After the precident Ebay has set for bidding online, bidders find online auctions to be a new, exciting and easy way to support their favorite charities. Online auctions also open up the event to participants who normally wouldn`t take part in a live auction event. Organizations also save money by not having the expense of a live event, which can be more expensive than online auction fees.

"Aside from being a fun new way to raise funds, online auctions can provide orginzations with data on their donors in a way silent auctions or other traditional fundraisers cannot," says Vapor Drawings Director of Design & Development, Lynn Moody.

As providers of nonprofit online auctions for 4 years, Vapor Drawings Digital Media strives to provide a turn-key event for clients. This includes providing some auction items, such as collectibles and fabulous vacation packages that really draw out the online bidders.

Let the Online Auction experts at Vapor Drawings Digital Media provide you with a seemless and profitable online auction event.

Search Marketing Gives a Big ROI

We all know you can't just plop a website up on the web and get a flood of visitors. It takes some marketing to get you those visitors.

But there's a good deal more to consider these days than just a few keywords and getting people to link to your site. Your competitors are blogging, social networking and buying ads in strategic online spaces. You need to be doing the same, only better!

As in all business strategies, you must first have a search marketing plan. The plan should include your marketing goals, where you will market your website, a marketing budget and how to allocate your resources.

Yes, you'll need some resources. But the good news is it usually takes far less resources for the same or better return than with traditional forms of advertising.

A well implemented search marketing plan can get your website stats and your market share soaring. So do invest in one.

Should You YouTube?

Social Media sites like Facebook and YouTube make it easy and inexpensive to get your message to a huge audience. But we've seen way too many organizations invest in cheap media to do it. Using poorly written, filmed or designed media can backfire on you in a big way.

Internet consumers are happy to blog and twitter about great stuff to their friends and colleagues, but we all know they're just as happy to slam you for lame content. So don't cut corners on your media if you're going to go social. Invest some time and money in good media production, then save the distribution costs by using social media as the access point. The pay off can be huge!

Repeat Business... One Hallmark

The launch of Addition Treatment Services` website re-design is just the latest in a long list of services Vapor Drawings Digital Media, LLC has provided to this fine client. Our relationship began in late 2003 with the design of their first website. Our commitment to quality and customer services allows Vapor Drawings Digital Media to enjoy long-standing client relationships such as this one with ATS.

MOST of our customers send us repeat business as well as refer us to other clients. They know our commitment to quality products and services means the web will hard work for them, consistently and reliably. And we know it means the growth of our business and yours.

Quality, Integrity, Reliability. Repeat business is just another one of our company's hallmarks.

Content Management a Must

The websites have been built and the people are coming! Now the challenge is to keep them coming.

"Every organization must have a way to keep their website updated with fresh, relevant content. Slick and engaging content is a must, too. But if the information is old and no longer means anything to users, they won`t stick around, and they won`t be back," says Vapor Drawings Director of Design & Development, Lynn Moody.

Vapor Drawings Digital Media has consciously developed powerful content management software that is easy for non-technical people to use. Web page interfaces with point and click useability makes our custom and template content management systems easy to use and flexible in application. Users are able to place their content where they want on the web page, wrap text around images and used the text editor to bold, color and otherwise tweak text. All our content management software is proprietary. We`ve built it, we understand it, so we can customize it to your needs.

Website Redesign Helps Online Marketing

So you were a head of the curve and got your website up in just as the new millennium dawned. Good for you, but how does it look now?

May we suggest a site redesign to enhance visitor retention time and conversion? A new site can increase your Return on Investment (ROI) for your Internet advertising, too. In fact if you are advertising on the web and not synchronizing your advertising plan with changes to your web pages, your plan won't be very effective.

Pixel resolution in newer monitors is much bigger than in the past. That means your old site may be small and hard to read or visualize. It may even be stuck off to one side - ugly!

Flash content has really evolved. It informs, entertains, and builds brand loyalty. But it must be deployed so that it doesn't defeat your search marketing efforts.

Powerful web apps like event registration, online donations, mass-email and more can actually decrease staff time spent on reaching your consumers.

So get that site in shape! It will keep you on the cutting edge.

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